Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

  • Tokenized securities offerings and securities token offerings — securities law compliance
  • DeFi (decentralized finance) — achieving practical decentralization in the business model
  • NFTs (non-fungible tokens) — designing, launching, and expanding
  • Crypto exchanges — requirements, licenses, regulation
  • DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) — formation, governance, tokens, policies, liability
  • Stablecoins — pegs, correction policy, regulation
  • Money services business registration with FinCEN and state money transmitter licenses
  • Develop and implement AML/KYC policies and Bank Secrecy Act compliance
  • Analyze securities law and other regulatory risks and issues — draft opinion letters and no-action requests
  • Defend against investigations by SEC and other US regulators, such as CFTC and FinCEN
  • Review whitepapers, business models, and public facing materials

Sustainability And ESG

  • Portfolio analysis of a sustainability or ESG fund
  • Consult to investors engaging with boards of directors
  • Advise and educate board members and C-suite
  • Analyze risks and opportunities for the company from institutional investors, government regulators, rating agencies, non-governmental organizations, stock exchanges, and more
  • Recommend actions or changes to a sustainability or ESG plan
  • Educate on evolving regulatory environment around sustainability and ESG disclosures
  • Due diligence on ESG issues in investments and mergers and acquisitions
  • ESG disclosures in SEC filings and for ratings agencies

Securities Law

  • SEC guidance and policy regarding ESG issues
  • Exempt securities offerings under Regulation D and Regulation S
  • SEC filings and disclosure issues
  • Updates to capital raising regulations
  • Defend against investigations and enforcement actions regarding sustainability and ESG matters

Corporate Governance

  • Educate board members on emerging investor concerns
  • Alert the board to legal threats and risks
  • Serve on private and public boards in a non-legal capacity as a sustainability, ESG, strategic, and organizational advisor
  • Give recommendations on corporate policy, including sustainability and ESG matters
  • Defend against shareholder suits


  • Company formation — corporations and LLCs
  • Fundraising — SAFEs, convertible notes, warrants, equity rounds
  • Founder and team issues — allocating stock and deciding roles, partnerships
  • Compensation — stock vesting agreements, stock options (NSOs and ISOs)
  • Organizational scaling — culture, operations, policies and procedures
  • Board of directors and board of advisors
  • People management — hiring and firing, incentives


  • How to develop and iterate the strategy and business model
  • How legal decisions implicate the strategy, business model, and operations
  • How strategic, business model, and strategic choices implicate legal concerns and risks
  • How to achieve business goals with smart legal decisions


  • Draft and negotiate complex business agreements
  • Assist with financing transactions
  • Corporate structuring and reorganization
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • License agreements
  • Asset and stock sales and purchases


  • Venture capital funds, special purpose vehicles (SPV), and hedge funds – formation, management, relations between general partners and limited partners
  • Institutional investors — family offices, pension funds, private equity funds
  • ESG investing — advise on creating and implementing authentic sustainability, impact, and ESG investing strategies