Practice Areas

We focus on high impact areas for you, your company, and your fund

Securities Law

Securities regulation, SEC actions, filings, exchanges

Corporate Governance

Boards of directors, ESG, fiduciary duties, oversight


Legal strategy, business models, regulatory


Business transactions, financing transactions, contracts


Investment funds, investors, ESG investing

Why Did You Became an Attorney?

I became a lawyer to help clients with problems where business and law intersect.

Why Do You Care About Doing That?

Because few lawyers think about business before the law.

Why Does That Happen?

Because few lawyers have substantial business training or experience before they go to law school. They learn about business mostly after they become a lawyer.

Why Do You Do What You Do?

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency — My background in organizational theory and behavior, economic sociology, and social networks converge in how  economic activity occurs and in decentralization. I believe in the promise of decentralized finance and alternative forms of transactions to change the economy and society.
  • Sustainability and ESG — I have worked on sustainability and environmental, social, and governance issues for more than 10 years, helping clients and as a Chief Sustainability Officer of a law firm and the Director of Legal Policy and Outreach at SASB (now the Value Reporting Foundation). I am passionate about merging these concerns into a company’s core business strategy and helping investors do better in evaluating companies on sustainability and ESG factors.
  • Startups — For more than 25 years, I have helped emerging companies in Silicon Valley and around the world solve business and legal challenges. Entrepreneurship creates unparalleled economic empowerment and opportunity. I get great pleasure from helping entrepreneurs achieve success and make the world a better place.

How Are You Different?

I earned a PhD in Business from Stanford Graduate School of Business and taught and consulted on strategy, organizational growth, and corporate governance to entrepreneurs, board members, executives, and investors before I became a lawyer. Because of this unique background, I bring a seamless and integrated lens on my client’s problems.

How Does This Help Clients?

The interdisciplinary approach helps me deliver the best strategic advice and insights you can find. I can help you understand the strategic, operational, and business model implications of legal decisions and actions. Further, I can help you address uncertain, messy, and risky legal situations, new and novel situations, and difficult problems that require original and creative solutions.